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Gamaliel Enrique Mendez is a financial planner for business, families and individuals. I’m a branch of an independent broker/dealer and are fully licensed, which allows our advisors the full range of financial solutions available in the industry. Understanding the idiosyncrasy and culture of the hispanic community in USA, separates our firm from others. You do not have to be an hispanic to enjoy our exceptional planning services, but if you are, you absolutely want Gamaliel and his team at AFG Advisory Group  on your side. Family-owned with traditional values and fully staffed with professional, courteous employees, we are a company doing business the way you always wanted a company to do business.

Our Vision

Gamaliel Enrique Mendez, will redefine the hispanic financial planning industry, client by client. Understanding that no financial plan can exist without thorough knowledge of a client’s complete financial situation as the starting point for any financial advice. We will manage growth through referrals and change lives through direct relationships, as well as financial-based educational seminars. We will never outgrow our unwavering commitment to personalized solutions and to recruiting team members with unquestionable character. We will build a practice that transcends its founders to continue providing consistent financial planning advice in the areas of estate creation, protection and preservation, for clients and families.